Sunday, March 24, 2013


  The Napa "aura" has worn off, but my realizations are sticking. I become more aware every day as I work to remain in a state a conscious awareness. While that may have too many off-putting, "New Agey" overtones, it's very apt for those who really want to break free from the daily hypnosis that sets in when we move about our lives with the switch perpetually on automatic. I admit it's more comfortable that way, being on automatic, but what it does is rob us of our spontaneity and the new insights that come with paying attention to every move, every breath, every thought. Practice assures that you don't lose the thread of what you're doing.

  There's a certain ecstasy in attentiveness. Smells and sights are more defined, senses more acute. The pleasure of being alive more vivid in my heart and mind. Very little more needs to be done. My mate doesn't feel any urge to join me in this consciousness adventure; he has his own way of connecting with himself. He's more assured. Since I am not, I undertake the daily practice to help me feel more assured and more awake. I am one of those people who's too inured in habit, in moving quickly and failing to pay attention. How many times has by husband had to take my keys out of the front door?

  What's really been nice is that little voice that comes in as I'm watching the news, saying to me, "just another story." We buy into so many of them, because life is a gigantic movie and we get to both watch and create it, plots, subplots, all. Will it take years to erase my film from the junky stories and images I've placed there? I won't even ask. I'll just do it.

  The next  post should come from my co-author, Catherine Solange. She's another voice and my partner in the HeartFix method. Shalom!


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