Friday, March 15, 2013

I REALLY Want to Say it. I REALLY DO.

OK, so the cartoon above could be considered a bit of an exaggeration. But I have been having to rein in my impulses to comment on the developing political situation here in the grand ol' U.S. of A. Anyone paying attention can see a clear demarcation between traditional American values and the sympathies of the left embodied by the current administration, and that the current left-leaning powers are on the ascendance. Trouble is, I am dead-set on training myself to be non-judgmental, to not incorporate this growing divisiveness into my own mindset, and to affirm the NON-reality of all these games we play in an essentially unreal world. (See former post for more on that.)

But damn, it's hard. The illusion of this world is so real, and it's so easy to jump into one camp or another. I have my human opinions; they rear up like angry cats and prepare to hiss and scratch at the least provocation, vociferously demanding a hearing in the wider populace. Of course, blogs and websites and Facebook make that all too tempting, and yes, I fall for the temptation.

What am I really doing when I give in to those catty impulses?

You can consider the following a glance into Vickiosophy....which is really just a random amalgamation of things I've picked up over the years studying people, things, Consciousness and Spirituality. I believe (note the qualification) that All is Consciousness, or God, if you will, and that all actions affect the consensus reality to which we all adhere. We can't always know it, yet everything is a part of God. Thoughts, words, ideas, judgements, acts of any nature cause shifts in the substrate of that reality--the quantum fundament. "Taking a side" further polarizes an already polarized world, while, let's face it: Polarities are useful while living in three dimensional reality. But the extant polarities made by the ever-active, ever-living force we call Creator take on added force one way or another when strong judgments and impulses are indulged and sent out into the quantum reality. When I post a political aside on Facebook, I chime in with a resonant belief and therefore add weight to it. NOW....this doesn't mean the belief is wrong or bad, just that I am supporting it.

The polarities in social and political beliefs at this juncture are so extreme, I can almost feel the extra poundage people are adding to their pet ideas about things. While now it remains largely a war of ideas, the liberal-conservative split in this country could, it seems, easily escalate into something worse. So I really want to say it. I really do: Now that guns have come under the increased scrutiny and devaluation of certain politicians who want to personally translate the 2nd Amendment into a mere shadow of itself, the decisive shoe has been dropped that threatens American liberties. History has taught us great lessons of what can result when the citizenry is disarmed. Do I want to think this way? No, I don't. But these are my thoughts at the moment.

Now I am looking into how I can apply the Heartfix method to this personal dilemma. I'll be back later next week with possible insights.

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