Thursday, March 21, 2013


     On a short but longed-for trip to northern California this weekend, I endeavored to absorb the refreshing vibes that only this peaceful area of our great state can offer. And I did. Along with imbibing some excellent draught beer (on St. Patty's Day) and later letting my tongue loll on a hefty chianti, then the next day trying a rather average sauvignon blanc while playing Scrabble at a svelte, minimalist oyster bar, I bathed and am still soaking in the mind cleanser only travel can furnish. My search for a "HeartFix" to apply to the dilemma detailed in my last post was rewarded in Napa, heart of wine country, with, first, an experience that could have been terrifying; then afterwards, revelations ramped up by books found at the Napa Library Book Sale. All in the company of my co-author Catherine, whose casual and spot-on understanding of the consciousness concepts added even more realizations to my realizations.

   Just the stark contrast between Napa and my own home area began the cellular shake-up in my brain and heart. So. Cal. somehow survives and endures others' lack of respect for the environment and so much run-down land and architecture, whereas wine country displays the lovely benefits of residential wealth and charmingly prominent environmental concerns. All was clean. All was safe. Almost all was compact and easily navigable. The slight inconvenience that disturbed Cath but tickled me no end: We got stuck in the hotel elevator. For almost a half-hour. I leaned on the alarm and signalled "SOS" over and over again--but it wasn't until Cath grabbed her cell and called 911 that some response was forthcoming, in the form of the Napa Fire Department. After what seemed an eternity, we were freed. It was wonderful. Turned out the stuckness was our own fault, shared with the hotel's lack of information.

   Cath and I are on a whirlwind course of "busting loose" from the games that no longer work for us. In brief and simple terms, this concept starts with seeing our personal lives as holograms, the light furnished by our "expanded selves" and filtered through patterns we have inserted between the laser light and our outward awareness, thereby creating everything we see and experience. The idea rests on the fundamental quantum understanding that nothing we have, see or experience here is "real"-- the only reality is Consciousness, or God,  and that our experiences are  "corrected" or expanded, if you will, by taking back the power inserted into previous patterns that have brought them into what we call material existence.

Robert Scheinfeld does a much better job of explaining this! Our beliefs and prejudices are stories that we abide by until we realize they're only stories and disconnect from them.

In  short: The folderol I've been entertaining about the downslide of America and the incursions on our freedoms are just . . . stories. I've been energizing these not-to-pleasant stories with my attention and interest and can just as easily disconnect! Napa's environment made that pretty easy, and as we drove back home I promised myself I would carry the realizations with me and practice them.

So far, so good. Must be the wine.

HeartFix: Don't believe everything you see. 

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