Monday, March 4, 2013

Take Time to . . . Take Time

"Get your motor runnin' . . .
  Head out on the highway!
  Lookin' for adventure
  In whatever comes my way . . ."
       --"Born to be Wild" -- Steppenwolf

    Yeah, darlin,' gonna  make it happen. LOL!
    The height of my Personal Lifetime Energy System came about just around the time the above tune was topping the charts. When it pounds out of my car radio these days, it still makes me press down on the gas pedal a bit more while shaking my "mature" booty in the car seat, the kind of picture that crack ups any lucky soul who happens to drive up beside me and glances my way. Do I care? No, I do not care, because as so famously quoted by self-help author Terry Cole Whittaker, "What you think of me is none of my business."
   Not so hard when that other person is some yayhoo in a dented Mercedes whom you'll likely never see again, am I right? But bring that someone just a little closer -- friend, family, acquaintance, Distant But Desired Love Object--and oh, golly, all of a sudden how you appear in another's eyes becomes so very, very important. The HeartFix Relationship Manual takes on that dilemma by reminding the reader that what others think of you has no bearing on you or your relationship, unless you allow it. Caveats would include consistent and repeated feedback from your partner, as well as other friends and family, or the little nip from conscience that says, "Hey, doofus, you can do better than this!"
   Today I have a Benadryl hangover and so my energy for plowing into work has been next to nonexistent. I tried to rev up my own sluggish motor by walking briskly with our dogs. A lot of good that did; immediately upon returning home I fell atop the bed, Joey and Jade joining me, so I scratched their bellies with my eyes at half-mast until that "little nip from conscience" prodded me up and into my office.
    I simply cannot accept or forgive myself for being old(er). I cannot give up longing for for the speed and flexibility of my youth. Study as I do the truth about quantum reality and the illusion of the physical world, I am definitely IN THIS WORLD and . . .  time passes. Time . . .
    (Pausing to hear the Chambers Brothers' "Time Has Come Today"...
    Ahhh. That helped. But this Youtube version brought up more extraneous thoughts about today's chaotic political and social scene. While it was wild back then, it's wilder now, because there seems to be no unified strike against the way things are, no organized push against the erosion of our Constitution and the culture in general here in America. But that's a story for another time. A story that easily forgoes quantum reality in favor of  over-concern about material world stuff.
   The only time is NOW. And with that overworked profundity, I depart this blog and move on to my next piece of time. Somewhere in there I will find acceptance of the aging thing and cheer the fact that my Expanded Self (Scheinfeld's term) is ageless, timeless, ineffable, omnipresent Light.
  'Tis so for all.


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