Friday, February 15, 2013


I've managed to work through my frustrations regarding computers. Up to a point. Big Machine is still at the shop and I'm forced to use this ol' laptop. Just darn glad my husband bought it for me. Imagine 3 whole days + additional hours with NO COMPUTER AT ALL! I would at least pass out, if not need the EMTs and possible hospitalization.

Lame histrionics aside, this project we've named "HeartFix" has given my life a new and much-needed boost. There's only so much satisfaction and life contribution to be gained and given by half-hearted house maintenance, shopping, reading, walking the dogs and watching TV. That, dear friends, has been the substance of my life, not counting the days here and there I spent on various TV show sets doing "background." While I miss rubbing elbows with the likes of Melissa McCarthy and LL Cool J, et. al, that endeavor remained fallow due to the lack of steady ambition required to move forward as an actor. Now if I was in my 20s or 30s and "hot, hot, smokin' hot!" I'd have given it a try, I really would have.  So now my antsy-ness relates directly to the publication of HeartFix. We wanted it to debut on Valentine's day, but that lovely day passed ...( my mate gave me a cherry-scented candle) ... when Catherine and I lunched yesterday she reminded me that there's no rush, no rush at all. She's relaxed! I hyperventilate! She's sanguine! I fret and sweat!

Steps I'll take in the coming weeks--final proofing, cover creation, website construction. While I wait for the energy to accrue for the first task, I will mix myself a vodka amaretto fizz. My own recipe!

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