Monday, February 25, 2013


Our book made it to Smashwords, and though I hastily overpriced her, she's now more reasonable. It's really a bargain, we think. (Yet the book needs further formatting for their "premium catalogue" and the cover is, yep, kinda lame.)  Cathy and I truly have no idea what the market is for a book like ours, especially one that presents to lovers the kinds of radical truths our ebook does.

Because the key is consciousness. Far from being an overused, New Age-y buzzword, consciousness entails everything in our minds, hearts and total reality of our lives on Earth. How conscious one remains in dealing with his/her significant other sets the tone and quality of the relationship. <--- That simple sentence expresses the theme of our HeartFixes, though they admittedly ask a lot of the reader. Emotions, words, attitudes and impulses must be closely monitored, until the corrected ones become habit. Cathy and I have paid the price of conscious work in our own relationships, and the benefits have been enormous. Sure, we had to sacrifice some sacred cows, such as controlling or changing our partners' 1. Finances. 2. Facial hair. 3. Dinner choices 4. . . . Those are just examples! The goal was getting to and maintaining the deep love at the core of our daily interactions. Like any worthwhile goal, it took time, work and commitment. But getting there can be half the fun!

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