Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ledger? What Ledger?

   Feedback we're receiving from our pre-pub readers shows, thus far, we're pretty much on the right track. Very ironically, though, the HeartFix tools we've codified in the book become vital in our own lives, reflecting where we as the authors still need to work on our own relationships. My partner/husband/mate/companion whom I've been with for nearly 25 years still can't get it through his head that he doesn't do nearly enough around the house. He doesn't do nearly as much as I do. I feel like the whole responsibility of maintaining our household and completing necessary day-to-day tasks is entirely on my shoulders!<---- What you're reading in emphatic italics at left displays my stubborn, ingrained attitude bred from a lack of conscious awareness, a reversion to my ego programming that keeps a tally of who does what, when and how much. And I expect my beloved to do his part to balance the ledger!
   HeartFix #26   Burn the Ledger.
   Wish I could say this one's easy. Few of them are, if you're used to relying on ego responses when your partner doesn't match your wants or expectations. Keeping a tally of who does the "most" in the relationship inevitably backfires, once the piling resentments explode into anger with what you view as a diminishing number of your partner's contributions to his or her side of the ledger. On the other hand, couples who demonstrate that it's their finest pleasure to serve one another lift their relationship to a place of heightened functionality and cooperation.
   (Yeah, yeah, Don, I know. Listen: I'm working on it!) {{{sigh}}}

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