Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HeartFix Manual to Debut

WELCOME, friends and other loved and loving ones. Catherine and I have just about finished the final, publishable version of the HeartFix Relationship Manual, our first ebook set to be ready for purchase on--could there be a better time?--Valentine's Day. Between then and now a number of things need to be done, including adequately formatting the ebook for upload on sales sites such as Amazon, setting a price and creating a book cover. We had no idea how long the whole project would take and how many learning curves had to be conquered. (Including this one--I neglected to choose a template for this brand new blog and now have to figure out how to get one. You'd think there would be a simple button . . . but no, nothing that un-geeky easy!) Fear not: A more attractive blog is in store!

The HeartFix Relationship Manual offers readers a plethora of suggestions on what attitudes and behaviors shape the most gratifying and long-lasting love relationships for us largely clueless humans. This is no amateurs' effort, either. Catherine Solange and I have had a fair share of relationships, both heartbreaking and confusing as well as--finally--satisfying and consistently loving. We're both there now, happy to report! So, we've taken the hard lessons from those relationships and mixed in our best-learned precepts of consciousness and spirituality. In this sense, the HeartFix Manual will be uniquely suited to those who not only want to improve their relationships but also have an overriding desire to continually work on themselves, to find and use the tools to improve their outlook on themselves and their lives.

It's here, too, where you can post your questions as well as your own personal experiences with the HeartFixes or other relevant areas of concern. We welcome all feedback and suggestions. HeartFix, like the better approaches to life as a whole, is a process-oriented task featuring incremental steps and generous room to grow and change. 

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