Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To Market, To Market . . .

  Nothing like beginning a computer project to show you just what you DON'T know! As in--Facebook marketing. That's the big thing, now--marketing your products on the internet, through "the cloud" as it were, though I'm still not sure exactly what that is; I usually think of them as fat, fluffy things that periodically wet the earth. But on FB: I notified others of this blog, but every time I tried to post my note, it looked as if it didn't get up there. So I tried again. The upshot being that I ended up with several successive posts about the blog. Can we say "desperate online marketing?" Puh-leeze! That darn ebook isn't even ready yet. The darn ebook won't be for everyone. The darn--I mean blessed--ebook may not even make our self-imposed publishing deadline, due to the fact that both Catherine and I have a major planet or two in Virgo and cannot abide anything not ship-shape-perfect-no-mistakes-everything-in-there-we-want, etc. etc.  (I wish that influenced my housekeeping...) The unpublished ms. has been sent to a select few for their input, and already we're listening and tweaking, and more to come, more to come, more to come. We want the best product we can possibly manage.
  Now I'm off to a neighborhood meeting. Stay frisky, my  friends.

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