Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can Dorner Be HeartFixed?

     While a relentless, record-breaking blizzard hammers the northwest, we here in sunny So. Cal. must deal with the unfolding suspense drama of Christopher Jordan Dorner, rogue ex-cop and stealthy multiple murderer who has the police all over the lower half of our state in a blue frenzy. This reaction to one crazy, lethally pissed off individual naturally gets ramped up by the media until all of us assume the Dorner manhunt is the important local news of the day.

     Not  necessarily so. While nabbing and possibly eliminating this guy may be Job One for the LAPD and other law enforcement, that or any other news item has no power to rule personal awareness. One of the important factors in HeartFix (and LIFE!) is the fundamental concept that we really do have power over our minds and emotions, and that outside elements, while frequently necessary to study, understand and follow, with enough attention and practice can be placed on the mental and emotional back burners, where they can simmer for awhile. And if need be, burn out.

     Taken at face value, Dorner appears to be the end-all antithesis of a sane, loving, conscious (HeartFixed?) man. His manifesto lays blame on everything and everyone from childhood bullies to the alleged lack of integrity of his superiors in the LAPD. As a matter of fact, his own personal integrity, while perhaps once recognized by others, disintegrated along with the rest of his self-image when the role he'd fully assumed as his full identity was suddenly pulled out from under him like a tattered old rug. The vagaries of life have a way of doing that to all of us, one time or another, most likely multiple times. What if Dorner had realized that who he is isn't what he is? Or that others' opinions cannot change the fundamental integrity that apparently typified a number of other actions and decisions in his life? What if he learned and understood that his feeling of victimization was just that--a feeling--and that it doesn't mean that, ipso facto, he is a victim?

    Well, Chris Dorner's consciousness would appear to be so far from accepting even a glimmer of those realizations that perhaps it would take years of therapy and rehabilitation to bring him even a modicum of sanity. He is now so invested in taking deadly revenge on his perceived arch enemies that the goal has fully overtaken his whole being. He is not the man he once might have been. Thankfully, he is not your typical guy!

      Commitment toward love, sanity and health is everyone's job one. Then effort is required, all the time. Not surprisingly, many refuse to take on such an overwhelming task. But in the end, clearing our lives of false identities and creating what we want pushes all other "news" aside. In Dorner's case, I gladly place the waiting, watching, judging and hoping game in others' hands.    

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